Oct. 9 City Commission Public Works Report

By KBBE News
October 09, 2017

McPherson City Commission approved:

The First Christian Church has requested repair of the curb along Elizabeth Street from Maple to Walnut.  The estimated cost for the work is $2,275.85. 

On 2/13/17 the Commission approved $4,520.94 to repair Ash Street from Loomis to Hulse.  Public Works asked APAC to mill the east side of Ash Street to accomplish the repair.  Cost of this milling is estimated at $2,000.  After the milling they discovered extensive soft spots and they would like to fix curb in that block.  The total estimated cost is $30,058.70

The Dissolved Oxygen In-basin Analyzer for SBR-4 went out and needs to be replaced.  They have four of these sensors, one in each SBR unit.  The average life span of these sensors is 2-4 years.  This particular sensor was 7 years old and they keep one in inventory for replacement purposes.  They received a quote from Hach Corp for id="mce_marker",975.00 for a Solitax 902000 sensor, plus estimated shipping of id="mce_marker"00 to be placed in inventory.

The existing pavement was 2"-3" thicker than estimated on the plans.  The Contractor had to excavate the extra thickness of pavement and fill in the 2"-3" depth with crushed concrete to bring up the sub-grade to accommodate the planned 6" concrete pavement.  The Contractor has submitted a price of $2,183.50 to complete the work.  

Public Works received a request from 204 Lakeside Drive to hire their own contractor to complete the community sewer work at that location.  This will expedite the process and allow them to move forward quickly.  He is asking for $2,000.00 participation.  This will result in a lower overall cost to the City. A sewer permit, tap fee and inspection will still be required.  


To date a total of 10,843' of sewer line and 39 manholes has been installed.  The project is 96% complete.  The only work that remains is 360' of pipe, one manhole and seeding and testing.  This project should be completed this week.  The Contractor was only able to work two days last week.

Progress was slowed again last week due to rain.  They have about 85% of the protective structure complete.  Approximately 70% of the fence is installed.  This project should be complete this week.  

The Flory Ditch Project (Phase I) is about 90% Complete.  The west half of the wall is complete, as well as the backfilling and compaction on the south wall.  The rain last week delayed this project too.  It is scheduled to be completed by the middle of this month.  

Rain has inhibited progress on this project as well.  We patched additional areas and have completed some additional milling.   We are scheduled to complete the overlay later this week.