City Commission approves McPherson Public Transportation application

By KBBE News
October 23, 2017

Annually, the various providers of public transportation services in McPherson and the surrounding area are required to submit their application to the Kansas Department of Transportation for inclusion in federal grant funding for the various public transportation programs which are offered through the Kansas Department of Transportation.  The providers include McPherson County Council on Aging (Senior Center), MCDS, Disability Supports of the Great Plains, and City of McPherson through their taxi voucher assistance program. 

Applications for the upcoming fiscal year are due in November and City Commission approved Mayor Tom Brown to sign all items necessary for the application process such as: a Memorandum of Agreement between the City of McPherson and McPherson County Council on Aging, a letter from the City of McPherson authorizing matching funds operation of taxi program and letters of support for other agencies utilizing 5310 and 5311 public transportation funds: MCDS, Disability Supports of the Great Plains, and McPherson County Council on Aging.