Oct. 23 Public Works Report

By KBBE News
October 23, 2017

Here’s the Public Works Report from the Oct. 23 City Commission meeting

Hartup Street Construction Project:

Motion to approve Change Order #1 to add the design of Hartup Street from Kansas Avenue to Marlin Street to the Earles Engineering Hartup Design Contract for an amount to not to exceed $15,000.00, bringing the total contract amount to $140,743.00.

With concerns regarding drainage issues on the one block of Hartup Street north of Kansas Avenue, we think it would be advantageous to add that block to the design underway on Hartup Street.  We have received a quote from Earles Engineering in the amount of $15,000.00 to add this block to the present Hartup Design.  

 Storm Water Utility: Training Video:

Motion to approve purchase of two employee training DVD's on illicit discharge for a cost not to exceed $1,208.75 from Excal Visual, Inc., Vail Colorado.

We are required by the MS-4 permit to provide employee training and new employee orientation.  We have found two very good DVD's on illicit discharge that we will utilize to provide this training.  We received an invoice for two DVD's at $595.00 each, plus shipping and handling.  Total cost is  $1,208.75.

Update on the Avenue “A” 10’ Sidewalk (Phase I):

Work continued on the protective structure under the railroad bridge.  The lighting work under the two bridges started.   However, we did not get the structure work completed.  The Contractor has been given the final punch list and the project should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Update of the Flory Ditch Construction Project (Phsae I):

The Flory Ditch Project (Phase I) is about 93% complete.  Grading work commenced on the project; one section of the wall where the temporary crossing was placed remains to be completed.  Overall we are making pretty good progress on this project.