Public Works Report: Oct. 30, 2017

By KBBE News
October 30, 2017

Here's the Public Works Report from the Oct. 30 City Commission meeting:

Street Department: Crack Sealant and Machine Rental (PMSI) (Pavement Maintenance Supply)

Motion to approve payment to PMSI for a cost not to exceed $12,000 for crack sealant and machine rental.

 It is that time of year again to seal pavement cracks.  We have estimated the cost of 8 pallets of crack sealant and machine rental for two weeks at $12,000.  

Street Department: Walnut Street Repair Project: Barricade Rental (Traffic Control Services, Inc.)

Motion to increase total paid to Traffic Control Services, Inc. an amount not to exceed $1,475.00 for the rental of barricades for the Walnut Street project.

On June 26, 2017 the Commission approved renting barricades from Traffic Control Services, Inc. to supplement traffic control devises to properly close Walnut Street for an estimated $1,350.00.  The Walnut Street repairs took a little longer than we anticipated.  We have now returned the barricades and the total rental was id="mce_marker",475.00.

Lift Station #4 Construction Project: Change Order #5 (UCI)(Utility Contractors, Inc.)

Motion to approve the revised Change Order #5 for the Lift Station #4 Construction project for additional seeding and materials for the drip irrigation system in the amount of $700, and authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order. Change Order #5 was previously approved on October 9, 2017 in the amount of $2,491.50.

On October 9, 2017 the Commission approved Change Order #5 in the amount of $2,491.50.  We were able to negotiate the cost of this Change Order down to $700.00.   The seeding estimated on the plans was 1.0 acres.  With the construction complete the actual area that needed seeding was 1.5 acres.  The Contractor installed a drip system for the plantings.  We added the cost of the materials to complete that work.  Total cost is $700.00.

Safe Routes to School Grant: Design Proposal (Benesch)

Motion to approve hiring Benesch to design the Safe Routes to School project for a cost not to exceed $140,575.96 and approve the Mayor to sign all related documents.

With the Safe Routes to School Grant, we need to hire a design engineer.  KDOT has a new requirement that the first target date missed will result in a written warning, the second missed date will result in the funds being pulled.  The City is responsible for the design, moving utilities and ROW and easements.  Benesch has given us a quote in the amount of $140,575.96 to complete the design work.

Safe Routes to School Grant Phase II: Project Programming Request

Motion to approve the Project Programming Request for the Safe Routes to School (Phase II) and authorize the Mayor, Commissioners, Public Works Director and City Clerk to sign.

We received the Project Programming Request from KDOT that needs to be signed for the Safe Routes to School Grant we recently received.

Motion to approve raising the Lakeside community sewer reimbursement from $2,000.00 to $2,550.00 to cover the additional tap that was needed to complete the project.

Lakeside Drive Community Sewer: Increased reimbursement

The work was completed for the Lakeside Community Sewer.  They ended up needing two taps.  They intended on re-using the existing tap.  We collected for the two sewer taps.  I recommend that we increase the reimbursement to cover the second tap since the original tap could be reused.

Update on the Avenue "A" 10' Sidewalk (Phase I)

The protective structure under the railroad bridge is complete.  The lighting work under the two bridges is about 50% complete.  The Contractor has the remainder of the lighting and final clean up items remaining.   

Update on the Flory Ditch Construction Project (Phase I)

Work continued on the Flory Ditch Project (Phase I).  The stream crossing has been removed and the final piece of footing has been placed.  Work on the remaining section of wall should be completed this week, weather permitting.