Public Works Report: Nov. 6

By KBBE News
November 06, 2017

Here's the Public Works Report from the Nov. 6 City Commission meeting:

SWU:Hulse Area Drainage Project: Box under 1st Street

Motion to approve Change Order #1 in the amount of $15,000.00 to add the design of a box culvert under 1st Street for the Hulse Area Drainage Improvement Design Contract with Alfred Benesch & Company and authorize the Mayor to sign the change order. This increases the contract price to a total not to exceed $269,146.00.

On May 15, 2017, the Commission approved the contract with Alfred Benesch & Company to design the Hulse Area Drainage Improvement project for an amount not to exceed $254,146.00.  With the design underway, it was discovered that the culvert under 1st Street needs to be up-sized.   We received a quote from Alfred Benesch & Company in the amount of $15,000 to add the design of this box culvert to the Hulse Area Drainage Improvement design contract.  

WWTP: Sealing sewer tap for Lakeside Drive Community Sewer

Motion to approve hiring Mayer Specialty Services, L.L.C. to seal the sewer tap for the Lakeside Drive community sewer by means of an internal point repair for a cost not to exceed $3,524.00.

The work on the Lakeside community sewer is complete. They elected not to re-use the existing tap, therefore, the existing tap needs to be sealed.  The existing tap has a big root ball now and will only cause trouble in the future.  We have the option to do a point repair from inside the pipe.  We received a quote from Mayer Specialty Services, L.L.C. for $3,524.00 to complete this work.  

WWTP: Protective sleeves and O-rings for the UV lamps for the UV disinfection system

Motion to approve the purchase of 12 protective quartz sleeves and 24 O-rings for the UV lamps in the UV disinfection system from Aquionics for a cost not to exceed $1,900.00, including shipping.

We need to replace the quartz sleeves and O-rings needed for the UV lamps in the UV disinfection system.  We need twelve sleeves for a cost of $126 each, and 24 O-rings for a cost of $9.60 each, plus shipping and handling.  Total cost is approximately $1,900.00 from Aquionics, Charlotte, NC.

Update on the Avenue "A" 10' Sidewalk (Phase I)

The lighting work under the two bridges is completed.  The contractor has finished the final remaining clean-up items.  

Update on the Flory Ditch Construction Project (Phase I)

Work continued on the Flory Ditch Project (Phase I).  The wall and the concrete apron on the west end are scheduled to be completed this week.  Final clean up and seeding should be accomplished in the next couple of weeks.