Public Works Report Nov. 20

By KBBE News
November 20, 2017

Here’s the McPherson Public Works Report from the Nov. 20 City Commission meeting:

WWTP: Lab Analysis

Motion to approve payment to Pace Analytical, Salina, Kansas, an amount not to exceed $1,062.00 for the quarterly bio-solids laboratory analysis for the Waste Water Treatment Facility.

To comply with federal law the WWTP is required to perform laboratory analysis on the bio-solids  produced by the facility on a quarterly basis.  There are 23 different parameters analyzed including nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria.  This test was recently performed by Pace Analytical, Salina, Kansas and we have received an invoice in the amount of $1,062.00 for the testing. 

Lakeside Drive Ordinance No. 3256

Motion to approve Ordinance No. 3256 to clarify that all City codes applicable to City streets apply to Lakeside Drive, West Lakeside Drive, and East Lakeside Drive even though the streets retain their use for the park system.

There has been some confusion on what City Codes apply to Lakeside Drive, East Lakeside Drive, and West Lakeside Drive and what ones do not.  Because of some deed restrictions, we can't make them City Streets.  However, we want all City Codes to apply without violating the deed restrictions.  Ordinance No. 3256 clarifies that dual status.  This Ordinance has been approved by the City Attorney.

GMP Insp : Position Description, wage scale and Permission to hire for Grease Management Program Inspector

Motion to approve the position description and wage rate range for the Grease Management Program Inspector and permission to start the hiring process to fill the position.

Attached please find the position description for the Grease Management Program Inspector and proposed wage scale.  We have budgeted this position housed out of the Waste Water Treatment Facility.  We would like to start the hiring process. There will be a 5-day internal notice as well as posting the position on HRE Partners.

Update on the Flory Ditch Construction Project (Phase I)

Work continued on the Flory Ditch Project (Phase I).  The wall is complete.  The concrete apron on the west end is placed.  Final clean up and seeding should be accomplished this week. 

Announcement of Public Meeting-Grease Ordinance

We will have two public meetings on Monday, December 4th, one at 3:00 pm and a second one at 7:00 pm in the Commission Room at the Municipal Center.  We are sending out notices to all restaurant owners and location managers in the City.  Anyone that is interested may attend.  Everyone is welcome to come to either or both meetings.  We have a short PowerPoint presentation followed by a question and answer session.