November Building Inspection Report

By KBBE News
December 04, 2017

Here's the Building Inspection Report for November 2017:

The year to date Building Report Summary:

Residential Units, as far as new construction, are down 16 percent from last year.

Residential additions and remodels are down 26 percent

New commercial buildings were even from last year at this time.

Commercial remodels and additions are down 24 percent

The total amount of permits issued is down 17 percent

Theye are still ahead of 2016 with total cost and construction. They’re up a total of about $7 million, in terms of construction costs. The city continues to show year to date relatively close for construction costs of 2016-17 ($34,758,078).

Total permits remain down as they’ve trailed 2016 the whole year. We’re down 118 (permits) total for the whole year (669 to 551).

From November, they’re down one roofing permit from 2016, commercial remodels are up one from last year, commercial additions are down one, other commercial are down two, even on new residential and residential remodels are down two.

There were 1,769 total inspections performed at this time in 2016, as compared to 915 total inspections performed thus far in 2017.