Police Chief warns of crimes around holiday season

By KBBE News
December 11, 2017

As this year’s holiday season is already underway, McPherson Police Chief Robert McClarty wanted to remind the residents of McPherson to be cautious while shopping and to keep valuable items out of sight in vehicles.

“Burglaries and thefts, and criminal damage, tend to be on the rise, along with, unfortunately, some domestic abuse and other depression issues that occur,” McClarty said.

With burglaries on the rise at this time of year, there are several things that you can do to prevent these things from happening.

“I’d encourage the community, first of all, if you see something, say something,” McClarty said. “Second of all, make sure your items are locked up inside your vehicles, inside your homes and leave your lights on on the outside of your house and throughout the evening hours. Make sure that your valuables are out of sight.”

At this time of year, law enforcement looks for all the help it can get to make sure as few crimes as possible occur.

“If you see something that doesn’t look right, say something,” McClarty said. “We can’t help if we don’t know it, and we can’t be everywhere. So please say something if you see something.”