Public Works Report Dec. 11

By KBBE News
December 11, 2017

Here’s the McPherson Public Works Report from the Dec. 11 City Commission meeting:

WWTP: Point Repair at Main and Olive (Stevens Contractors, Inc.)

Motion to approve the needed point repair at Main and Olive with Stevens Contracting for an amount not to exceed $8,081.00.

We have a point repair that is needed at Main and Olive we have received a quote from Stevens Contracting in the amount of $8,081.00 to complete that work.

General Service Sewer Contracts 2018 (Ace Plumbing) (Stevens Contractors, inc)

Motion to approve the General Construction Services for 2018 Sewer Work contracts for Stevens Contractors, Inc. and Ace Plumbing for routine and emergency repairs for sewer work and authorize the Mayor to sign.

The General Construction Services for Sewer Work contracts with Stevens Contractors and Ace Heating & Plumbing need to be renewed for 2018.  These Contracts establish labor rates for routine and emergency repairs.  The effective date will be January 1, 2018.

Barnstormers/Premier Subdivision Project: Change Order #1 (Vogts-Parga) Dirt Quantities

Motion to approve Change Order #1 on the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivision Project with Vogts-Parga Construction, LLC in the amount of $23,259.84 for changes in dirt quantities.

We received notice from Engineering Consultants regarding the dirt quantities for the lot grading in Barnstormers Subdivision.  8,099 cuyds of excavation @ $2.00/cuyd  and 2,153 cuyds of compacted fill $3.28/cuyd was added to the Contract.  Total cost of this change order is $23,259.84.

Request to close 3 parking spaces at 115-117 E Euclid

Motion to allow the closing of 3 parking spaces at 115-117 E. Euclid Street for approximately 10 weeks to allow placing a roll off dumpster during remodeling of that property.

We received a request from Graham Crane to place a dumpster for the remodel of 115-117 E. Euclid Street starting this week until the end of February.  We will need to close 3 parking stalls to place the dumpster along the street and we will provide barricades to be placed around it.

Update on the Barnstormers-Premier Subdivisions Project

Work continued on the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions last week.  The Contractor anticipates the dirt work will be completed by the end of December weather dependent.  Work on the sanitary sewer continues, the Contractor anticipates the sewer work will be completed by the end of February.