Public Works Report Dec. 27

By KBBE News
December 27, 2017

Here’s the Public Works Report from the Dec. 27 McPherson City Commission Meeting:

WWTP: Spreading of Bio Solids (CJ Spreaders)

Motion to approve the spreading of bio-solids at the WWTP by CJ Spreaders LLC for a cost not to exceed $8,000.00.

We received two quotes to spread bio-solids produced by the WWTP.  The lowest quote was from CJ Spreaders at $7.50/ton.  We have an estimated 900 tons.  The total tons will not be known until it is spread, therefore we rounded up to $8,000.00.

Avenue "A"/Centennial 10' Sidewalk (Phase II)

Motion to approve payment to BPU for an amount not to exceed $8,418 to move a fire hydrant at the intersection of Avenue "A"/Centennial Drive for clearance for the 10' sidewalk.

We received an estimate from BPU to move the Fire Hydrant at the corner of Centennial/Avenue "A" for $8,418.  We are required to have at least 3' of clearance from the edge of the 10' sidewalk.

Update on the Barnstormers-Premier Subdivisions Project

Work continued on the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions last week.  Lot grading and excavation of the ditches was completed.   The only dirt work that remains is the excavation of the pond and final grading. 

Good progress continued on the sanitary sewer.  The Barnstormers sanitary sewer is approximately 70% complete.