Public Works Report Jan. 2

By KBBE News
January 02, 2018

Here’s the Public Works Report from the McPherson City Commission meeting on Jan. 2, 2018:

WWTP: Point Repair at Hartup and Elizabeth (Stevens Contracting, Inc.)

Motion to approve sanitary sewer point repair at Hartup & Elizabeth Street by Stevens Contractors, Inc for a cost not to exceed $4,460.00, and to bill Piping Technologies for the same amount.

A sewer main was breached by a direction bore of Mutual Telephone Company.  The sewer was not located after the Contractor gave proper notice.  Piping Technologies has agreed to reimburse the City the cost of the repair.  We received a quote from Stevens Contractors, Inc in the amount of $4,460.00.

Update on the Barnstormers-Premier Subdivisions Project

No work was done on the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions this past week as they took time off for the holidays.