Public Works Report Jan. 8. 2018

By KBBE News
January 08, 2018

Here’s the Public Works Report from the McPherson City Commission meeting on Jan. 8, 2018:

Street Department: Pavement Marking (McPherson County)

Request authorization to pay McPherson County Public Works for pavement markings of City streets for a cost not to exceed $6,583.80.

The County has completed pavement markings for the City.  This is an annual budgeted expense.  We received invoice #13396 in the amount of $6,583.80.  

WWTP: Time Sensitive 2018 Farming Operations (Dennis Friesen)

Motion to approve time-sensitive farming operations (fertilizer application, weed control, (herbicide and mowing), disking and re-seeding) as needed for a cost not to exceed $20,000.

Fertilizer application, weed control (herbicide and mowing) disking and re-seeding are very time sensitive.  If we are timely with these operations, it will reduce our overall farming costs.  We have received yearly approval the last couple of years and it has worked well.  Dennis Friesen has done a good job managing the farm operations.  Estimated cost not to exceed $20,000

 Barnstormers/Premier Subdivision Project: Change Order #2 (Vogts-Parga) Sanitary Sewer Service line changes

Motion to approve Change Order #2 for the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions which adds $41,666.68 to SSD #201 and $30,220.15 to SSD #202 which extends the services lines and risers as requested by the Developers for a cost not to exceed $71,886.83 and authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order.

We received requests from the developers to extend some of the service lines and then bring them up to with-in 5' of the surface.  This work is additional work not shown on the plans.  We received a quote from Vogts-Parga Construction to complete the work.  The estimated cost is $41,666.68 for SSD #201 and $30,220.15 for SSD #202.  The total cost of this change order is $71,886.83.