Public Lands and Facilities purchases Jan. 22

By KBBE News
January 22, 2018

Here are the purchases made by the McPherson Public Lands and Facilities Department at the Jan. 22, 2018 City Commission meeting:

Approve Hedlund Electric to Re-Feed Electric Service to existing Maintenance Building at Lakeside

Motion to accept the Hedlund Electric quote to re-feed electric service to the existing maintenance building at Lakeside for a cost not to exceed $3,440.00.

BPU has requested the City disconnect the overhead service going into the maintenance building at Lakeside Park.  BPU recommended that we re-feed the service to an existing pad transformer next to the Water Park mechanical building.  The two services would be consolidated and BPU would eliminate one meter and the monthly service charge.

Approve Purchase of Annual Plant Materials and Supplies from Ball Seed

Motion to approve the purchase of annual plant materials and supplies from Ball Horticultural Company for a price not to exceed $13,500.00.

Consider accepting Ball Seed Horticultural Company quote for annual flower order. Annually staff requests funding for annual flower bed seeds and plants to be grown in the park department greenhouse. Staff requests commission to authorize the purchase of annual flower bed seeds and plants from Ball Seed Horticultural Company for the park department’s annual flower bed needs at a price not to exceed $13,500.00. 

Annual plant materials from Ball Seed $13,500.00:

Park plants=$9016.58


Courthouse= $1,274.81

Main Street Planters=$1,541.00

Golf Course=$651.40

Cemetery=$36.80 (Salthouse)

Fire Department=$44.00

Approve purchase of one Hustler 104 mower for Cemetery

 Motion to approve the purchase, under the most recent State Bid Contract, of one Hustler Super 104 Vanguard EFI mower from Hometown Tire & Turf, McPherson for an amount not to exceed $23,116.50.

Staff requests authorization to purchase one Hustler Super 104 EFI Vanguard from Hometown Tire & Turf, McPherson.  Mower will be used by cemetery department staff.  Staff will not trade-in a mower.  The mower will be purchased from the most recent State Bid Contract price.  The cost for one Hustler 104 $23,116.50.

Approve Annual Purchase of Greenhouse Supplies from Hummert International

Motion to approve the purchase of annual greenhouse supplies from Hummert International at a cost not to exceed $8,208.27.

Each year staff requests funding for Greenhouse supplies.  Consider accepting park greenhouse annual supplies quote from Hummert International worldwide distributor of horticultural products at a price not to exceed $8,208.27.