McPherson PD releases annual summary report

By KBBE News
January 23, 2018

The McPherson Police Department and Chief Robert McClarty presented the 2017 Summary Report at the Jan. 22, 2018 City Commission meeting. In total, McClarty believes this was a successful year for his department.

“Throughout the year, our officers and staff have been very busy with an array of law enforcement duties,” McClarty said. “Patrol response, investigations and administrative duties, including court, meetings, training and community interaction.”

McPherson County Emergency Communications reports assigning 18,040 calls for service for the McPherson Police Department in 2017. The stats reported show an increase of 1,098 calls for service for the policed department alone, which was above and beyond the 2016 numbers.

Our records indicate that officers in 2017 generated 2,578 case reports, which include felony, narcotics, misdemeanors, information and collision reports. These numbers increased by 36 reports in 2017 when compared to the 2016 numbers.

“I’ve looked both the numbers for calls for service and the case,”. McClarty said. “There is no actual trend as to one specific thing that the calls have gone up on. It’s an overall increase.”

In 2017 their officers issued a total of 2,151 citations, which reflect 2,681 offenses. These numbers substantially increased to nearly double the number of citations issued in 2016 (1,057 and 1,378).

“I believe the increase is simply due to the number of officers we have on the street now, as compared to the shortage we’ve been in previous years,” McClarty said.

In 2017, the PD made 48 felony arrests and 532 misdemeanor arrests, as opposed to 33 felony arrests and 465 misdemeanor arrests from 2016. There were a total of 1,841 VIN inspections completed, compared to 1,762 in 2016.

Animal service numbers reflected a minor decrease, when comparing 2017 to 2016. In 2017 they impounded 210 dogs opposed to 249 in 2016. Citations issued decreased by two as well. Adoptions from the shelter increased by four.

“I believe this is simply because we have been actively enforcing it,” McClarty said. “We have less dogs running at large, less impounds and less citations.”

Officers involved in incidents were battered two times in 2017, compared to three the previous year. In all those cases, the officers have recovered from their injuries. One officer was assaulted one time, but the subjects were charged accordingly.

“I’m very pleased to say that we had no officer involved shootings in 2016 or 2017,” McClarty said.

For a detailed look at this year’s Summary Report, you can find it$file/2017%20Police%20Department%20Summary%20Report%2001182018.pdf