McPherson County Humane Society gives 2017 report

By KBBE News
January 29, 2018

Mary Steffes gave the 2017 McPherson County Humane Society report to the McPherson City Commission at the Jan. 29 meeting.

“I’d say 2017 was about an average year for the McPherson County Humane Society,” Steffes said. “Although, in January of 2017, as you probably know, our long-time president did resign. We actually adopted some new procedures, we kind of roped in our expenses, we voted to charge more for our cat adoptions.”

It’s been a good year for them in terms of finances, where they’ve been able to save money in the turnaround from what they were doing in the past.  

The Humane Society had 92 in-takes, 81 of those were cats that people found or brought to them and 11 of them were surrendered by their owner. They also enforced a surrender charge of $25-50. They also had 130 adoptions last year.

They also funded 248 Fix-A-Cat vouchers through the city program’s id="mce_marker"2,000. The McPherson County Humane Society has been able to fix close to 4,000 cats over the last 10 years with the city’s funding.

The city authorized a payment to the McPherson County Humane Society of id="mce_marker"2,000 to help with the Fix-A-Cat program.