8th boys cruise by Newton

By Steve Sell
February 02, 2018

NEWTON — McPherson’s eighth-grade boys appear to be gathering steam.

The Bullpups’ A-team stayed hot on Thursday with a 55-42 basketball victory over Newton behind 23 points by Seth Madron and 14 by Gus Ruddle.

“I believe with this win tonight we definitely helped with our seeding for Saturday,” MMS coach Tyler Brown said. “If we would have lost, Newton gets the No. 2 seed most likely and we fall into the 4/5 seed matchup. Instead, depending on a few other scores that come in tonight we will get the 2 or 3 seed. We are showing glimpses of our offense clicking and playing together.  Seth again was a force to reckon with. Gus had one of his better shooting nights. Jayden (Dukes)  also played a solid game. I could go on and on about each player, that just tells me it was a good team win.”

The B-team finished the year 5-7 with a 38-35 loss despite 16 points by Anthony Brooks.

“My heart goes out to the B-guys,” Brown said. “This was their last game. They finished the season 5-7. Anthony Brooks was machine tonight. With only playing two quarters (12 minutes) he was full force scoring 16 of our 35. But the big difference in this game was the first quarter. We opened the game not ready, getting shut out in the first quarter (0 points). We did bounce back with a 19-point quarter, but we fell just a little short.”

MMS A (55) — Madron 23, Ruddle 14, Dukes 9, Ediger 4, Schriner 3, Brooks 2.

MMS B (35) — Brooks 16, Sutherlin 9, Schriner 4, Minier 4, Keane 2.