Perfecto! MHS' Stiggins bowls 300

By Steve Sell
February 02, 2018
MHS Twitter

There wasn’t too big of a reaction as McPherson High’s Matt Stiggins rattled off six strikes in a row to start his second game Friday at Starlite Lanes in the Bullpups’ dual match with Andale.

But then came seven, eight, nine and 10, with the 10th strike giving him the opportunity at a 300 game with the crowd becoming more and more excited.

Stiggins struck on his 11th attempt and then on the 12th and final throw, he let it fly with the crowd in full roar as the ball matriculated down the lane.

Strike. 300. Bedlam.

Stiggins became the first Bullpup to ever bowl a 300 in competition and his 716 series led his team to a 2,549-2,026 victory as MHS remained undefeated in dual matches.

Stiggins was relatively calm once the final pin fell, as he broke the school-record of 299 by teammate Clayton Ouellette set just 10 days ago.

“I thought I had messed up the last shot,” Stiggins said. “Now I finally shot the 300.”

Stiggins said he really didn’t think about the perfect game until the first strike in the 10th frame. With the crowd going wild, he remained steady with two more strikes.

“I was kind of having iffy ball reaction throughout,” he said. “I kept getting it too far out. I never thought it was going to come back, but it came back.”

Stiggins, a junior, said he felt good going into the dual that he might have a big day, but 300 didn’t enter his mind.

“I’m happy. It’s hard to do,” he said, as 288 had been his previous high. “Now I want to bowl another 300.”

“I was really glad for him,” said MHS coach Herb Halinski, who has 35 career 300s.  “He pured every one of them in the 10th. The 10th is the hardest one to get. It was a great day for him.”

Halinski’s experience helped.

“I told him to stay relaxed and calm and not focus on anything. Be quick, but not too quick,” Halinski said.

Taylor Miller also had a fine day with a 651, which included a 255 game, while Ouellette shook off a 157 game to just miss a 600 with a 590.

MHS also won the girls dual, 1,665-1,452. Maysan Groote led the Bullpups with a 424.

“We showed a lot of improvement today,” Halinski said. “We’ll get better and get ready for regionals.”

• Varsity Boys •

Jc Becker, 153-154-136-443

Matt Stiggins, 212-300-204-716

Clayton Ouellette, 232-157-201-590

Matt Gesaman, 176-190-160-526

Dylan Krehbiel, 179-168-212-559

Taylor Miller, 207-189-255-651

• JV Boys •

Devin Hartley, 245-131-155-521

Kyler Chapman, 121-84-104-309

Wyatt Eisenbarth, 138-124-116-378

Jared Armstrong, 160-172-189-511

Mack Bruce, 120-78-114-322

Ryan Ronsse, 97-120-88-305

Mitchell Bruce, 147-119-180-346

Graedon Green, 110-71-94-275

Clayton Everhart, 82-168-144-394

James Gesaman, 147-154-158-459

Blake Snyder, 156-122-159-437

• Varsity Girls •

Cheyann Williams, 117-142-144-403

Brooke Miller, 156-125-137-418

Maysan Groote, 116-150-158-424

Heidi Allen, 135-110-166-411

Naomy Aguilar, 119-103-90-312

Birkley Schwartz, 108-116-104-328