Governor Colyer visits McPherson

By KBBE News
February 04, 2018

As a part of his local media tour, Governor Jeff Colyer stopped in McPherson on Saturday, Feb. 3 at Craft Coffee Parlor. Colyer replaced Sam Brownback as Kansas’ 47thgovernor on Jan. 31 and immediately made stops in seven other cities in the state over the weekend (El Dorado, Pittsburg, Independence, Salina, Hutchinson, Garden City and Emporia).

Colyer was met with a large gathering of people at McPherson’s Craft Coffee Parlor, and talked about some of the issues he wants to tackle as governor.

“We’re going to need to put some money into K-12 education and the needs of McPherson compared to the needs of Hutchinson or Hays are all going to be very different,” Colyer said. “So setting some expectations are important. We have good schools and I trust teachers.”

“I’m going to make sure we have the right money at the right place at the right time,” Colyer said.

Colyer believes that the future is bright for Kansas, but also that a complete transformation isn’t going to happen overnight.

“Kansas is a great place and we have some really good things about us,” Colyer said. “I think if we build on them, over the next 7-8 years we can be in a really great place. It takes time.”

When asked about growing the economy, Colyer also said they have plans in the works.

“We’re going to be talking about that a lot and we’ll be unfurling some policies there,” Colyer said.

Colyer replaced Brownback after he took the job of Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom on Feb. 1. But that also means Colyer will be running for governor again this November. Colyer believes the citizens of Kansas will be seeing him as governor for the foreseeable future.

“I think Kansans are going to have the chance to actually meet Jeff Colyer and start seeing what’s happening,” Colyer said. “I welcome that opportunity.”