Local Representative Mason speaks during Colyer visit

By KBBE News
February 04, 2018

At Governor Colyer’s visit to McPherson on Saturday, Feb. 3, Local Representative Les Mason was also at McPherson’s Craft Coffee Parlor.

Like Colyer, Mason knows how important it is to be aware of the big issues in front of them, as well as act on trying to fix them.

“We have three or four high profile issues, one of course is the educational funding and what we will do about that,” Mason said. “Depending on what we do on there, that would require some sort of a supplemental budget and possibly tax increases.”

With all of the publicity around those three issues across the state, there is certainly an added pressure to find the right answer and make sure Kansans are getting the best deal.

“Those three issues are really sucking the oxygen out of the building,” Mason said. “There’s really not too much else getting done. Committee chairs, like me, are moving rather slowly and kind of taking issues that are fairly mundane and trying to clean up language from previous statutes. We’re just really waiting to see what we can or should do on these major issues.”

When it comes to the other big issue, tax cuts, Mason says they’re working on receiving all the information before they start to implement any changes across the state.

“I think there’s something in the tax committee where we have asked for information on how the federal tax code change will affect our revenues, but we haven’t seen those yet,” Mason said.

On the topic of adding more taxes to the wealthier classes, Mason said he was not in favor of that.

“A lot of industry and a lot of corporations have already passed those on to their employees in the forms of bonuses or pay raises or health benefits,” Mason said. “I think that’s what it was designed to do and I like that approach much better than trying to tax the wealthiest people.”

Les Mason is the Kansas House Representative for District 73, which includes nearly all of McPherson County.