BPU Report Feb. 5

By KBBE News
February 05, 2018

Tim Maier, General Manager of the McPherson Board of Public Utilities, gave an update on the BPU at the Feb. 5, 2018 McPherson City Commission meeting.

“We are in the process of relocating our waterlines on North Elm, Marlon and Euclid. We have to relocate the 12-inch pipes to a lower. We’ve got one of those complete and we have another one to do,” Maier said.

“Then we have several service lines we’re going to have to move and a few other lower. We are going to abandon a six-inch line that serves a meter in the park and tap into the 12-inch on the north side.”

“We are going to relocate a waterline on Maxwell Street from Avenue A down to Robin. The line that’s there now is actually in the ditch on the west side, and the concern is there in the future, once that street gets improvement, that we’re going to be in the way. Now’s an opportunity to go in there before there’s a lot of other infrastructure in the way for us to move it.”