MHS' boys bowlers keep rolling

By Steve Sell
February 07, 2018

WICHITA — McPherson High’s boys bowling team continues to roll big numbers.

The Bullpups came away with a triangular win on Tuesday, piling up a 2,509 score to defeat Augusta (2,211) and Kapaun (2,050).

“Good day for the boys team,” MHS coach Herb Halinski said. “They were consistent all day long. The boys seemed to gel and talk about ball reaction and how to play the lanes. I am glad to see that they are asking questions.”

Clayton Ouellette had a monster day with a 689 to lead the Bullpups, all of his games being over 200. Taylor Miller also was over 600 with 624 and all six Bullpups had least one game of 200.

Devin Hartley’s 522 led the MHS JV boys to a win with 1,980, with Kapaun (1,841) and Augusta (1,765) making it close for a while.

The MHS girls had an 1,860 to trail both Augusta (2,082) and Kapaun (2,009). Cheyann Williams led the Bullpups with 522, with two solid games to open with as she had a 197-189 start. Maysan Groote had the high game with a 216.

Halinski was pleased with Williams’ performance, but noted his team is very inexperienced and it’s a growing process.

• MHS Boys Varsity •

Jc Becker, 162-226-163-551

Matt Gesaman, 191-202-189-582

Clayton Ouellette, 231-225-233-689

Matt Stiggins, 178-206-195-579

Taylor Miller, 191-211-222-624

Dylan Krehbiel, 168-180-200-548

• MHS JV •

Jared Armstrong, 179-188-155-522

Devin Hartley, 165-201-185-551

James Gesaman, 146-133-112-391

Blake Snyder, 129-107-108-344

Wyatt Eisenbarth, 145-128-154-434

Clayton Everhart, 119-150-179-448

• MHS Girls Varsity •

Heidi Allen, 140-97-102-339

Maysan Groote, 129-145-216-490

Brooke Miller, 169-136-151-456

Cheyann Williams, 197-189-136-522

Naomy Aguilar, 109-96-92-297

Birkley Schwartz, 130-122-129-381