MHS fans need to wear pink on Friday

By Steve Sell
February 08, 2018

Let’s have a pink-out party on Friday at the Roundhouse.

McPherson High basketball fans are urged to wear pink in support of “Think Pink Night,” which is now an 11-year tradition.

The MHS girls will be wearing their special pink uniforms, which seemingly possess magical powers as the Bullpups have played some of their best games in the attire.

“Think Pink” is a night that raises cancer awareness. The Bullpup girls performed a fund-raiser and will be presenting a sizable check to a cancer foundation. In the past, the number has been more than $3,000.

This is a project near and dear to MHS coach Chris Strathman’s heart and it should be special for everyone who enters the Roundhouse. Strathman lost his sister to cancer in 2011, so he’s passionate about the project.

I don’t know of anybody who hasn’t been touched by the tragic disease. I’m sure everyone knows of someone who has lost the fight or is fighting the good fight.

I know this night personally affects me. My mother had never been sick in her life until contracting cancer right after she had retired at age 65. As mightily as she battled, she passed away when she was 68 and I was only 38, so it’s been 22 years. I always felt like cancer cheated my time with her as both of her parents lived lengthy lives, her father 88 and her mother 93.

There will be a moving ceremony as not only the MHS girls basketball teams line up, but the younger Bullpup teams will as well. The entire McPherson girls basketball program, the present and the future, is on display. Also, stories of selected cancer survivors or those currently battling the disease are told. It really is a time for reflection and should make everyone aware of how cancer has such devastating effects on a family.

It’s also homecoming night at MHS, so a big crowd is expected. It would be wonderful to see the normally red-filled Roundhouse decked out in pink.

I laud Strathman, his coaches and his players for taking the time to do this every year. This is something every school should do and everyone should take part. 

So make sure and wear your pink on Friday. I know I am.