Bullpup bowlers sweep El Dorado

By Steve Sell
February 09, 2018

EL DORADO — It was another sweep for the McPherson High bowling teams on Thursday in the regular-season finale.

The Bullpup boys continued their unbeaten dual-meet ways with a 2,227-1,998 victory over El Dorado, with Taylor Miller leading the way with a 610. 

The Bullpup girls also were successful, 1,759-1,748 in a very close match. Brooke Miller started the day on fire with a 205 and finished with a team-leading 476.

The MHS JV boys also prevailed, 1,741-1,544. Devin Hartley was tops with a 459.

“Victories for both girls and boys on a challenging lane condition.” MHS coach Herb Halinski said. “I am glad we bowled on a challenging condition as it will help prepare them for the conditions that will be put out at regionals.”

Halinski said there were several standouts.

“Taylor and Dylan (Krehbiel) were able to do well because they have a lot of end-over-end roll on the ball,” Halinski said. “They left easy spares and were able to convert them. The lanes changed really fast. Clayton (Ouellette) said he didn't have the confidence to be able and change his release to match up to the condition. Matt (Stiggins) really struggled as his wrist was a little tender due to all of the practice he has been doing.”

Brooke Miller also drew Halinski’s praise for leading the girls as despite their inexperience, they’re getting better every meet.

Next up is the league tournament next Friday at Wichita.

• Results •

• Varsity Boys •

Jc Becker, 132-124-125-381

Matt Gesaman, 166-172-176-514

Clayton Ouellette, 166-175-196-537

Matt Stiggins, 136-136-152-424

Taylor Miller, 223-195-192-610

Dylan Krehbiel, 242-169-155-566

• Varsity Girls •

Heidi Allen, 112-107-122-341

Maysan Groote, 129-140-174-443

Brooke Miller, 205-158-113-476

Cheyann Williams, 126-194-125-445

Naomy Aguilar, 120-100-102-322

Birkley Schwartz, 128-133-125-386.

• JV Boys •

Jared Armstrong, 156-120-149-425

Devin Hartley, 155-176-128-459

Graedon Green, 100-132-121-459

Blake Snyder, 131-110-131-372

Wyatt Eisenbarth, 105-159-140-404

Clayton Everhart, 164-104-88-356