Public Works Report Feb. 12

By KBBE News
February 12, 2018

Here's the Public Works Report from the McPherson City Commission meeting on Feb. 12:

Engineering: Esri Licenses

Motion to approve payment to Esri for the ArcGIS Software Maintenance Subscription for 2018 in the amount of $2,200.

We received an invoice for our GIS software maintenance. The cost is $2,200 per year. The Police Department has agreed to pay for one subscription in the amount of $400.

WWTP: Sewer Truck Repairs (Primary Hydraulic Pump Drive Line (Red Equipment)

Motion to approve the purchase of parts to repair the primary hydraulic pump driveline on the sewer truck from Red Municipal and Industrial Equipment Co. for a cost  not to exceed id="mce_marker",500.

The main hydraulic pump on the sewer truck was producing a noticeable vibration and noise due to wear on the drive pulley. After contacting Red Equipment, they said this is not normal wear, but they have seen it before, and if left as is, when the pulley gives out it will create extensive damage. We will replace the hydraulic pump drive sheave package, U joint, belts and driveline assembly. We received an estimate for the cost of the parts at id="mce_marker",275.43 plus shipping from Red Equipment. We are able to complete this work in-house.

Grease Ordinance: Waiver of fee (American Legion)

Motion to approve waiving the Grease Operating Permit fee for the American Legion, 401 N. Main, for 2018.

We received the Grease Permit Application and a request to waive fee from the American Legion. We received a letter from Jim LaDuke, Treasurer of the American Legion, asking that the Grease Operating Permit fee to be waived because of the limited number of days per year they actually have meals and because they are a 501c 19 veterans organization.

Flory Ditch Project (Phase I) Change Order #3

Motion to approve Change Order #3 with Prairie Landworks, Inc. reducing the contract total by id="mce_marker",090.08 for the Flory Ditch Project, which adjusts quantiies estimated on the plans to what was actually required to complete the project and authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order.

The quantities estimated on the plans were adjusted to what was actually required to complete the project. The net change is a contracr reduction of id="mce_marker",090.08