City proclaims April 9-14 as National Library Week

By KBBE News
April 09, 2018

The city of McPherson proclaimed the week of April 9-14 as National Library Week. The McPherson Public Library will be hosting a poetry night, a book repair workshop as well as a cookie day.

Mayor Tom Brown signed and read from the proclamation document at the April 9 City Commission meeting.

“Whereas, our nation’s libraries build communities by providing resources that inform, entertain and enrich the lives of all people;

Whereas, libraries are vital to building a nation of readers and creating a lifelong love of reading among our children and youth;

Whereas, librarians help people of all ages make new discoveries every day and support them in their pursuit of knowledge;

Whereas, our libraries are vital parts of our democracy, providing unique resources which enable citizens to make informed decisions;

Whereas, libraries and library patrons in McPherson are now celebrating National Library Week with the theme, “Libraries Lead”;

Now, therefore be it resolved that I, Tom Brown, Mayor of the city of McPherson, do hereby proclaim April 9 through 14 as National Library Week in McPherson and encourage all citizens to visit their library and join me in expressing appreciation for our public, our college and school libraries, their staffs, and the services which they provide.”