BPU Report April 9

By KBBE News
April 10, 2018

The McPherson Board of Public Utilities received its new estimated transmission expense from Westar. The transmission expense from them is their cost as well as other costs in the Southwest Power Pool.

“There’s a transmission formula that’s used and that’s what we pay on,” BPU General Manager Tim Maier said. “It’s estimated the transmission costs are going to go up to 23.99 percent for this year over the previous year.”

The reason for this is that there’s been a lot of transmission infrastructure built in the last few years.

“We actually started in 2011 with a transition expense, at that time, it was $4.7 million. This year it’s expected to be id="mce_marker"1.6 million.”

This cost has allowed for cheaper energy for the BPU, which is one of the upsides of the new system. Maier wanted to alert the BPU’s customers that they will be notified of these payment changes by the end of the month.

“We will be adjusting, people will see it in their bill, the transmission charge,” Maier said. “People will see that this month for the first time.”