Traffic Stop Tuesday - Accessible Parking

By KBBE News
April 10, 2018

We continue our focus on parking this week, by highlighting Accessible parking. Many businesses have parking zones close to their business entrances, which they reserve specifically to accommodate disabled persons.

In brief, Standard Traffic Ordinance (STO) 87 on Accessible Parking, states No person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle in a parking space, whether on public or private property, which is clearly marked as being reserved for the use of persons with a disability or persons responsible for the transportation of persons with a disability unless such vehicle bears a special license plate, permanent placard or temporary placard.

Following this standard ordinance is not only courteous; it will save you time and money. If you receive a citation for violating this STO, you must resolve the citation by appearing in court within five days, and the fine is $55.00.