Johns Manville’s Facility receives EPA Region 7 Pollution Prevention Award

By KBBE News
April 11, 2018

Johns Manville’s McPherson, Kansas, facility received the EPA Region 7 Pollution Prevention Award today during ceremonies at the Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference at the Kansas City Convention Center. 

Johns Manville’s McPherson plant, a fiberglass manufacturing facility with 285 employees, focused on reducing hazardous waste as part of their pollution prevention efforts. 

Multiple departments within Johns Manville collaborated to implement a glue-application technology change, which enabled the substitution of a hazardous material with a less toxic raw material. This technology improvement and material substitution eliminated the generation of approximately one ton per year of n-Hexane emissions and 1,960 pounds of hazardous waste, and saves $1,780 annually, with an added increase in worker safety.

“The Pollution Prevention, or P2, awards program recognizes forward-thinking organizations that go beyond compliance to improve the environment and our quality of life,” said Jim Gulliford, EPA Region 7 Administrator.  “There is ample evidence that even greater improvements in protecting the environment and public health are possible through voluntary, community and industry-based pollution prevention programs.”

P2 is a successful, non-regulatory approach to energy conservation, water conservation, reduction of toxic materials used, and money savings. This awards program is designed to further recognize P2 successes and encourage others to consider a P2 approach.

P2 also emphasizes the reduction of direct environmental impacts and the use of resources and materials.