Construction Update April 16

By KBBE News
April 16, 2018

Barnstormers-Premier Subdivisions Project

The remainder of the concrete alley was completed in the Premier Subdivision.  BPU completed the electric and worked on the water line.  In the Barnstormers Subdivision, erosion control blanket was completed on the pond and the east-west ditch.  The silt fence was completed in several areas.  

Update on the North Front Street Project

Work continued on North Front Street from McDonald's to Champlin Street.  Traffic was switched to allow work to continue on phase II (the short section on the west end).  All phase II removals were completed and work started on the rock base.  

Update on the Avenue "A"/Centennial Drive 10' Sidewalk

This project is a continuation of the 10' sidewalk starting at Thunderbird Street.  It will go on the south side of Avenue "A", past Clubhouse Drive, then south near the dog park and Mac College ball fields, then north along Centennial Drive to the old Taco Johns restaurant.  Dirt work from Clubhouse Drive, south approximately 1000' is nearly complete, and work has begun on the box of the stream crossing.  The floor of the RCB should be placed early next week.