City Commission approves Buddy Poppy fundraiser

By KBBE News
April 30, 2018

At the April 30 McPherson City Commission meeting, Mayor Thomas Brown read the proclamation for the annual distribution of Buddy Poppies by the Veterans of Foreign Wars during All Schools Day on May 11. The Buddy Poppies are a symbol of appreciation for the sacrifices of the honored dead.

“I urge all patriotic citizens to wear a Buddy Poppy as mute evidence of our gratitude to the men and women of this county who have risked their lives in defense of the freedoms which we continue to enjoy as American citizens,” Brown said.

The annual distribution of Buddy Poppies by the VFW has been officially recognized and endorsed by government leaders since 1922. The Buddy Poppies are assembled by disabled veterans and the proceeds of this fundraiser campaign are used exclusively for the benefit of disabled and needy veterans and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans.