MHS kickers scoring at dizzying pace

By Steve Sell
May 02, 2018

It looks like McPherson High’s girls soccer team has been playing pinball in the last seven games.

The Bullpups have put up a ridiculous 55 goals during that time, while not allowing a single tally.

It’s hard for the opponent to score when it doesn’t have the ball as the Bullpups keep possession about 80 percent of the time.

Granted, the Bullpups have taken advantage of the soft underbelly of their schedule as the opposition admittedly has been underwhelming. The Bullpups have ballooned their record to 12-1-1, the only loss in Game 4 against Maize South, while the tie was a 1-1 deadlock with Circle on a night MHS launched 17 shots to just 3 for the T-Birds, but the post kept getting in the way as the Bullpups clanked it a half-dozen times.

During these last seven games, the Bullpups have reached at least 10 goals on four occasions.

But if you’ve never played soccer, you have to realize just how hard it is to score. And for the Bullpups to ring the bell this many times is extraordinary. Heck, it would be remarkable if they were going up against air.

The Bullpups have two more regular-season games left, both at home. They entertain Rose Hill on Thursday and then Salina Central comes to town the following Thursday.

If form holds true and the Bullpups keep charging, they’ll probably play three games at home leading up to the Final Four, which will be contested at nearby Bethel College in North Newton, just a stone’s throw south on the interstate.

What I like most about the Bullpups is that they don’t rely on just one or two players. If two players on one team score at least 10 goals in a season, it’s considered outstanding. But the Bullpups, after Tuesday’s game, now have five players who have reached double digits — Aislinn Hughes (22 goals), Jessie Kynaston (14), Claire Hedlund (12), Hannah Hageman (10) and Kenzee Godwin (10).

Hughes also leads in assists with 12 for a double-double and Kynaston is just one pass away from reaching doubles as she has 9. Fourteen Bullpups have been credited with an assist this year as that shows just how well this team shares the ball and it makes it difficult for opposing teams as they can’t concentrate on defending just one player.

The offense has posted 85 goals, but you can’t forget the defense as the team has allowed only 6 goals all season and has pitched nine shutouts.

It was thought going into this season that something special could happen. And so far it has, with the goal, of course, getting to North Newton for the final weekend of the season.