Construction Update May 14

By KBBE News
May 14, 2018

North Front Street Project: Change Order #1 (Vogts-Parga Construction)

Motion to approve Change Order #1 with Vogts-Parga Construction to add heavy-duty welded wire fabric to the North Front Street Project for an amount not to exceed $1,600.00 and authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order.

On the North Front Street project, we specified 6"x6" - W2.9 x W2.9 welded wire fabric.  This welded wire fabric is used with 6" pavement. Since we used 8" pavement, we asked Vogts-Parga Construction to use 6" x 6" W 4.0x W 4.0 which is a heavier gauge fabric.  Vogts-Parga submitted a cost increase of $1,600.00 for this change.

Update on the Barnstormers-Premier Subdivisions Project

Work continued on the installation of water and electricity in the Barnstormers subdivision project.   Water and electricity should be completed by the end of May.    The Contractor is gearing up to start the sub-grade work on the streets.  

Update on the Avenue "A"/Centennial Drive 10' Sidewalk

Rain delayed the project towards the end of last week.  Approximately 750' of the sidewalk was placed between the creek east to Centennial Drive.  The area along Avenue A from Deerfield Drive to the south leg should be placed early this week.  Work continued on the top slab and outside walls of the RCB.  However, this box was underwater from the Wednesday night rain and all the formwork will have to be cleaned out, which will be a temporary set back for the box culvert portion of the project.