Mustang Park to improve under new management

By KBBE News
May 14, 2018

Mustang Mobile Home Park, which was recently purchased by a Denver, Colorado, based company, will be receiving updates in the near future to improve aesthetics and livability of the property.

Carl de Rozario, Managing Partner with Verdeam, LLC, spoke at the May 14 McPherson City Commission meeting about the future updates at Mustang Park.

“Typically, what our strategy is that we’ll go in and buy a mobile home community in a market that we think demand is relatively strong,” de Rozario said. “Where in a lot of cases the existing ownership group may not have the capital to bring in homes and dress up the community and then fill it out. That’s really what our intent is to do here with Mustang Properties.”

Verdeam LLC intends to buy as many as 50 homes as well as add picnic tables and other amenities within the property as well as improve roads to give the community a new look.

“We take a great deal of pride in coming in and fixing them up, bringing in new homes and hopefully in doing that creating more affordable housing for the city,” de Rozario said.