Central Christian releases statement on hazing incident

By KBBE News
May 17, 2018

In late January, College administrators were made aware of a suspected hazing incident, which occurred in the fall of 2017.  Consistent with its policies, the administration immediately launched an investigation that included interviews with coaches and potentially affected players. The investigation was led by the College’s Title IX Coordinator, who was not a member of the athletics department. Based on the results of that investigation, the College issued applicable sanctions to persons found responsible for misconduct. In addition, all policies related to hazing and bullying were reviewed and updated, including the introduction of new procedures designed to curtail the possibility of future incidents.

While federal law prohibits the College from discussing specific aspects of this investigation, due to the privacy rights of involved students, the College can confirm that the alleged event did not involve the use of drugs or alcohol, and no student indicated their desire that law enforcement be contacted.  However, the College took specific action in an effort to maintain an environment in keeping with its mission.  Because of this mission the College does not tolerate activity that contradicts this mission—including all activity that can be construed as hazing or bullying of fellow students.