Independent Governor candidate Orman visits McPherson

By KBBE News
June 08, 2018

Greg Orman, Independent candidate for Kansas governor, was in McPherson on June 8 to talk about his campaign and the election season coming up in November. As the Independent candidate, Orman hopes to change things up in Topeka.

“I think most Kansans realize that something over the past seven years has gone very wrong in Kansas,” Orman said. “And I’m concerned that if we don’t correct that then what happens over the next five years is really going to determine the path our state goes on for the next several decades.”

Orman announced his campaign in January and since then he has been travelling the state to meet his fellow Kansans and find out what they want in their governor.

“We’re trying to understand what the challenges are in Kansas at a real grassroots level by talking to folks across the state,” Orman said.

Orman is running as an Independent, which means he doesn’t have a primary because there isn’t really an Independent party so much as a group of what he estimated at about 30 percent of Kansas voters that classify themselves as Independent and have chosen not to affiliate themselves with a party.

“Political independence, to me, isn’t about ideology,” Orman said. “It’s about putting my state and my country ahead of a political party. I think we’ve seen so often in politics today, democrats and republicans seem more interested in the other party failing than our state and our country succeeding.”

No Independent has ever been the governor of the state of Kansas, so Orman is going to have to beat history in this election as well. The Governor position has been held by Republicans since 2011 with Sam Brownback and Jeff Colyer, but he says there’s no better time than the present to get this job accomplished.

“I actually think Kansas voters are very interested in seeing something different,” Orman said. “They realize the system hasn’t been working for them and Kansas voters are very smart, common sense people. They understand that we’re not going to get different results if we keep doing the same thing.”

Orman wants the state to be a leader for the country again, and hopes that his governorship will help bring Kansas back to that position.

“Kansas used to lead,” Orman said. “We need to lead again and my governorship is going to be focused on selling the state of Kansas, making sure people understand what’s great about Kansas and I’m hoping we’re going to change that national narrative as well. They’re going to stop writing stories about what’s the matter with Kansas and they’re going to start talking about what’s right about Kansas.”

Because Orman doesn’t have to worry about a Primary, he is on the campaign trail until the November election, which he calls a privilege as a candidate for Kansas Governor.

“I get the privilege of travelling throughout the state and talking to my fellow Kansans about things that matter to them,” Orman said.

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