Public Works Report June 11

By KBBE News
June 11, 2018

Storm Water Utility: Laboratory Services for Storm Water Samples

Motion to approve payment to Pace Analytical for laboratory services to test the 2018 storm water samples as required 4 times each year for a cost not to exceed $4,698.00,

As required by the EPA to stay compliant with our MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) permit, we are required to obtain and test storm water samples during a 1/2" or greater rainfall event 4 times per year.  The cost of the testing through Pace Analytical is $1,174.50 each time.  The total cost for the year is estimated at $4,698.00.

WWTP: New Tires for Sewer Truck (#54)

Motion to approve the purchase of a new set of Goodyear tires for the sewer truck from Canton Service Center for a cost not to exceed $6,000.00.

The tires on the sewer truck need to be replaced.  We have secured 6 options from three vendors.  We would like to move forward with the Goodyear set.  They are a heavier ply and are very competitively priced.  We received the government pricing discount from all three vendors. 

Safe Routes to School: Easement Acquisition

Motion to approve hiring Dennis Keegan to purchase the necessary easements for the Safe Routes to School project for a cost not to exceed $21,375.00.

I have asked Dennis Keegan for a proposal to purchase temporary easements for the Safe Routes to School project.  There are 45 tracks @ $475.00 each for a total cost of $21,375.00.