Public Works Report July 9

By KBBE News
July 09, 2018

Street Department: Request to prohibit parking on north side of Sharp Street

Motion to prohibit parking on the north side of Sharp Street from Maxwell to Baer Street.

We received a request from a citizen to prohibit parking on one side of Sharp Street from Maxwell Street to Baer Street.  Attached please find the letter sent to all residents along Sharp Street from Maxwell Street to Baer Street.  I have asked for input by mail, email or to attend the City Commission Meeting today.  Three emails were received, 2 from one person.  I discussed the no parking with the Street Superintendent.  We felt parking should be prohibited on the south side, however the second email from the one resident requested parking prohibited on the north side.  

Street Department: Fleet Services Policy

Motion to approve and implement the Fleet Services Policy.

Attached please find the Fleet Services policy.  The Fleet Service will allow for more efficient fleet maintenance and reduce costs with bulk purchases.  This policy has been reviewed and approved by the City Attorney.

Street Department: Mechanic Tool Policy

Motion to approve the Mechanic Tool Policy, including payment of a $300.00 tool stipend, now and every January going forward.

Attached please find the proposal for the Mechanic Tool Policy.  The Mechanic's Tool Policy allows for a $300 annual tool stipend.  We would pay that immediately, and then $300/year in January going forward.  This policy has been reviewed and approved by the City Attorney.

Barnstormers/Premier Subdivision Project: Vogts-Parga Construction (Change Order #6)

Motion to approve Change Order #6 for the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions Project with Vogts-Parga Construction LLC, adding a higher quality erosion control mat for the east-west ditch on Barnstormers, for a cost not to exceed $5,001.85 and authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order.

The erosion control sub-contractor recommended a higher quality erosion control mat on the east-west ditch in Barnstormers .  We received a quote from Vogts-Parga Construction to add Curlex II erosion control mat to the outflow areas in the amount of $5,001.85.

Centennial Drive (Avenue "A" to South Front Street) (Street Lights)

Motion to approve adding street lights, installed by BPU, along Centennial Drive from Avenue "A" to South Front Street for a cost not to exceed $14,277.32.

With the Centennial Drive/Avenue "A" Sidewalk (Phase II) project almost completed, we need to look at adding street lights from Avenue "A" to South Front Street.  Lighting for this stretch was not included in the contract because BPU will not allow private contractors to install equipment on BPU owned poles.  KDOT will not allow a public entity to work on a contract under a participating item.  BPU has given us an estimate of $14,277.32 to complete the work.  Therefore, this work will be completed outside of the KDOT contract.