Johns Manville suffers fire damage in warehouse

By KBBE News
July 09, 2018

A fire was reported at the Johns Manville plant on Sunday in McPherson. The fire was investigated and Deputy Fire Chief T.J. Wyssman gave a report on the fire.

“We had a first-arriving engine company that reported heavy smoke in their south warehouse,” Wyssman said. “For that big of a structure to have that much smoke then it was a significant fire.”

“Upon arrival, we witnessed heavy smoke pouring out of the building. They did have sprinkler activation. What they found was seven sprinkler heads on an industrial sprinkler system had opened up, which is a very significant fire. They pulled large lines to start combating it. Once they got into it, there were several stacks of insulation in the warehouse that were on fire.”

“One (Johns Manville) employee was transported to the hospital for heat-related injuries. None of our firefighters were injured combating the fire. We had a 12 and a half-hour fight on our hands overall. They had significant damage in the tune of millions of dollars of property loss because of the fire and will be down for several days.”

“We’re going to leave the fire undetermined because we can’t put a definitive answer on it, but we’re going to rule it was an accidental fire. But it will stay undetermined because we can’t pinpoint why the fire started.”