Public Works Report August 6

By KBBE News
August 06, 2018

WWTP: KDHE Loan Agreement (Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Fund (KWPCRF) Final Agreement

We received the final loan agreement for the KWPCRF Loan (Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund).  This loan covered the installation of the Centennial Drive Sewer, replacement of the West Trunk Line, the reconstruction of Treatment Plant Road,  the replacement of the Barber Street Alley Sewer, and the replacement of Pump Station #4.  The total loan amount of $4,259,216.29 @ 2.13% interest amortized over 20 years yields a semi-annual payment of id="mce_marker"24,516.42, which equates to $249,032.84 annually. The yearly payment is under the budgeted amount of $270,000. The agreement has been approved by the City Attorney.  

WWTP: Loading Bales (Dennis Friesen)

The hay fields we spread bio-solids on are farmed and managed by Dennis Friesen.  As part of the agreement, we pay him $3.25/bale to load the hay as it is sold.  We received an invoice in the amount of id="mce_marker",205.75 for loading 371 bales as they were sold.  

WWTP: Sanitary Sewer Manhole Repair/Rehabilitation (Mayer Specialty Services)

WWTP has identified five sanitary sewer manholes in need of reconstruction of the "bench" portion of the manhole.  The bench includes where the flow goes through the manhole at the bottom, typically made of concrete and/or brick, which deteriorates over time.  When the manhole bench fails, raw sewage can infiltrate into the ground around the bottom of the manhole.  This can undermine the structural integrity of the manhole itself resulting in complete failure of the manhole, major sewer backups, as well as contamination of the soil around the manhole with raw sewage.  We received a quote from Mayer Specialty Services, Goddard, KS, for a cost of $850 per manhole and a single $600 mobilization charge for a total of $4,850.

Hulse Area Drainage Project: Change Order #2 Design (Alfred Benesch & Company)

We had some unexpected design issues with the Hulse Area Drainage project.  We needed to add sanitary sewer at two locations, not known at the time of the original estimate.   We also had one public meeting for the design of each major project.  The estimated total should not exceed $6,000.00.