Public Works Report October 9

By KBBE News
October 09, 2018

Street Department: Curb repair 841 Pine Ct.

Motion to approve a curb repair and street patch at 841 Pine Court, for an amount not to exceed $1,394.95.

60 feet of curb in front of 841 Pine Court needs to be replaced.  The estimate to replace the curb and install a street patch is $1,394.95.

Street Department: Pothole Patch & Glass Beads

Motion to approve the purchase of one pallet (54 bags) of Crafco concrete pothole patch, 2000 pounds of glass beads, and 10 gallons of tack oil from PMSI, Wichita, for a cost not to exceed $2,609.00.

We need to re-order Crafco concrete pothole patch and glass beads.  We received a quote from PMSI, Wichita, for one pallet (54 bags) of Crafco concrete pothole patch, 2000 pounds of glass beads and 10 gallons of tack oil in the amount of $2,609.00.

WWTP: Hydro Excavating Tools (Pryor Tools)

Motion to approve the purchase of a hydro excavating nozzle and associated equipment from Pryor Tools, for an amount not to exceed $1,352.00.

We would like to purchase a Hydro excavating nozzle to pothole when we need to locate sewer lines, ect.  We received a price from Pryor Tools for an excavating head, a vac tube support handle, hose clamps and a clamping system to hold the vac tubes in the potholes while disconnected from the truck, for a total cost of $1,352.00.

WWTP: Wonderware Technical Support Renewal (Intouch):

Motion to approve payment to Logic, Inc. for renewal of technical support for our Wonderware In Touch Software for a cost not to exceed $5,102.00.

Wonderware software is the primary control software for the entire Wastewater Treatment Facility.  It is time to re-new our subscription for technical support, which includes free upgrades of the software.  We received an invoice in the amount of $5,102.00 from Logic, Inc., for support from November 08, 2018, to November 07, 2019.

Barnstormers/Premier Subdivision Project: Change Order #11 (Vogts Parga)

Motion to approve Change Order #11 with Vogts-Parga Construction, LLC for the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivision to raise four sanitary sewer manholes to the sidewalk grade, for a cost not to exceed $3,000.00 and authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order.

During the final grading, it was discovered that four sanitary sewer manholes were lower than the sidewalk.  We asked Vogts-Parga for a cost to adjust them to the sidewalk grade.  Vogts-Parga requested $750.00/manhole for a total of $3,000.  The existing manhole tops were set to plan grade.