McPherson College lecture tonight

By KBBE News
November 05, 2018

McPherson College will host a lecture by Michael Himlie from Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) on Monday, November 5 at 6 p.m. in Melhorn Hall, room 112. The lecture entitled “How we, the silent majority, can contribute to the end of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine,” is a free presentation.

Through photography and stories, Himlie will share his experiences working in Palestine, what life under military occupation looks like, the beauties that prevail despite, and how we, as the silent majority, can contribute to an end of the occupation.

Himlie works with CPT in Palestine, Israel, Kurdistan, Iraq, and the Greek island Lesvos. CPT is an interfaith organization working in conflict and war zones around the world, committed to building partnerships to transform violence and oppression. Himlie graduated from Manchester University majoring in peace studies with particular interest in philosophy, theology, interpersonal mediation, and nonviolent intervention in Middle Eastern war zones, and focus on Israel’s occupation of Palestine.