Public Works Report January 7

By KBBE News
January 07, 2019

Engineering: New Pickup

Motion to approve the purchase of a 2019 Dodge pickup for the Engineering Department from Midway Motors for a cost not to exceed $23,751.00.

The Street Department has a 2004 Dodge pickup that is in deplorable condition.  It has extensive rust and is starting to have mechanical issues.  The 2008 Ford F-250 in the Engineering Department is in good condition, and is up for replacement due to its age.  I would like to purchase a new pickup for the Engineering department and transfer the F-250 Ford to the Street Department and trade the 2004 Dodge in on the Engineering pickup.  We have looked at several options both here and in Salina.  Midway Motors gave us the best overall deal.  The price of $23,751 includes a topper, bed liner and a $4,000 allowance for the 2004 Dodge.  The engineering equipment fund balance is adequate to make this purchase. 

Street Department: Sidewalk Maintenance Program for 2019

Motion to approve the Sidewalk Maintenance Program for 2019 for an amount not to exceed $15,000.00.

The Sidewalk maintenance program has been a successful way to eliminate trip hazards and improve sidewalks for the general public without the individual property owners having to bear the entire expense.  We have $15,000.00 budgeted for this item, but need official approval to extend the program into 2019. 

Street Department: Salt Contract (Lyons Mine)

Motion to approve the salt contract with Central Salt-Lyons Mine for 100 tons of salt, delivered at $41.20/ton, for a total cost not to exceed $4,120.00 during the remainder of the 2018-2019 winter.

In August of 2018 the Commission approved a contract with Central Salt-Lyons for salt delivered to the Street Department for $41.20/ton for 100 tons. I am bringing it today to get approval in 2019 for the remainder of the winter.  

Street Department: 800 block of Ash Street

Motion to approve the reconstruction of the 800 block of North Ash Street for a cost not to exceed $44,950.80 for materials only.

As we discussed several months ago in study session, we had a request to patch the 800 block of North Ash.  After looking at it, there is no place to start and stop.  We took cores of the existing pavement and the thickness is between 3.5 and 5.5 inches.  With pavement this thin, milling and overlaying is not an option.  Gerry will patched the worst areas to try to hold over the winter.  We would now like to schedule its replacement.  We have put together an estimate in the amount of $44,950.80 for materials only.

Street Department: City Parking Lot at 400 N. Maple

Motion to approve the replacement of the entrance and 75' of curb for the City parking lot at 400 N. Maple for a cost not to exceed $2,150.79.

The entrance into the City parking lot at 400 N Maple and 75' of curb needs to be replaced.  We have put an estimate together in the amount of $2,150.79 for materials only.

WWTP: Time Sensitive 2019 Farming Operations (Dennis Friesen)

Motion to approve time-sensitive farming operations for 2019, (fertilizer application, weed control [herbicide and mowing], disking and re-seeding) completed by Dennis Friesen, as needed, for a cost not to exceed $20,000.00.

Fertilizer application, weed control (herbicide and mowing) disking and re-seeding are very time sensitive.  If we are timely with these operations, it will reduce our overall farming costs.  We have received yearly approval the last couple of years and it has worked well.  Dennis Friesen has done a good job managing the farm operations.  Estimated cost not to exceed $20,000.