MPD shows third active shooter training video

By KBBE News
February 04, 2019

On Wednesday, Jan. 16, the McPherson Police Department provided Active Shooter Training hosted by the MPD, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and was held at the Kansas Municipal Utilities (KMU) building in McPherson. The training was provided free of charge to more than 160 business leaders, representatives, City Officials, and employees. Assistant Chief Golden addressed specific topics which included Run-Hide-Fight, ALICE Principles, and Active Shooter Emergency Action Plans.

“I think we do need to work together as a community, not just to thwart off gang violence, but to thwart off all violence,” McPherson Police Chief Robert McClarty said. “As you’re well aware, we address mental health issues on a regular basis in our community. Over the weekend, we had two individuals who tried to harm themselves that we had addressed. We had a couple of violence cases that we’ve addressed and it’s ongoing.”

“I’d like to complement our community and the fact that well over 10 businesses have already contacted us to come out and do site visits and walkthroughs and to assist them in securing their facilities to make them more safe than ever. As always, if anyone sees something or hears something that doesn’t look right, please say something. Say something to your HR or say something to your boss, say something to law enforcement. Just say something so maybe we can stop an active shooter incident before it ever occurs or any other form of violence before it occurs.”

If your business is interested in hosting training for your employees and/or would like a walk through of your facility, feel free to contact Assistant Chief Golden or Captain Mark Brinck to arrange either. You may call the McPherson Police Department at (620) 245-1200.