Pine Village Honors Volunteer & Employee of the Year

By KBBE News
March 09, 2019

Pine Village hosted its Annual Corporation Meeting on March 5. During the meeting Volunteers of the Year and an Employee of the Year were honored. Also, employees were recognized for years of service as well as board of directors.

Jan Larson & Gerry Major were named Volunteers of the Year. The two were connected in 2015 through a shared interest in playing piano duets. Since then, they have performed piano duets monthly for the residents. Jan and Gerry didn’t know each other when they answered the call to play the piano together, but when they met for the first time they brought the same piano book, and the rest is history!

“We are so thankful Jan and Gerry choose to share their musical talents with us,” said Shelby Shaw, Administrator. “The other neat part of their story, is the relationship that has formed between the two of them. Being able to link two volunteers together who in turn are enhancing lives at Pine Village through their talents is a win all the way around.”

Jan and Gerry practice weekly together and Gerry also volunteers her piano skills weekly for a weekly worship service. Both Jan and Gerry have outside commitments to their churches and Jan even works full-time, but both choose to share their time and talent with Pine Village.

Employee of the Year also was awarded to Kaitlyn Holman. This award is selected through nominations from peers. A Licensed Practical Nurse, Kaitlyn has worked at Pine Village since 2017 and she has made a big impact from the start. 

“To see Kaitlyn interact with the residents is really something to behold.” said Shaw. “She has such a caring and compassionate way about her that residents are drawn to her. A very deserving recognition for Kaitlyn.” 

Kaitlyn not only builds relationships with those she cares for, but she also is a team player. She’s always willing to learn, listen and help in whatever capacity she can. 

Election of board members also occurred during the annual meeting. For the Pine Village board of directors incumbent Jodi Gingerich from First Mennonite Church of Christian was elected to serve a second term. Retiring Pine Village board members Dave Wedel from West Zion Church and Ron Auernheimer from First Mennonite of Halstead were recognized for their years of service; elected to fill their positions were Larry Loganbill and Sara Smoker, respectively.  

Additionally, Memorial Home Endowment Foundation recognized outgoing board member Larry Loganbill for his six years of service, and elected to fill his position was Lori Begnoche. Incumbents Tim Graber and Sandy Nathan were re-elected to serve a second term. 

Pine Village also honored 28 employees for years of service which ranged from two to fifteen years.