MCCF announces record Match Day totals

By KBBE News
March 10, 2019

The McPherson County Community Foundation received a record $217,901.97 on Match Day on March 6. Adding in the $60,000 of matched money, the grand total from this year’s Match Day was $277,901.97 for McPherson County Organizations.

Here are the totals for each organization involved:

-Arts After School: $1,198.83

-Bethany Home: $3,361.83

-CASA: $12,147.74

-The Cedars: $7,677.63

-Community Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner: $6,332.13

-Eagle Power Club: $854.49

-Edwin Stucky Debate Enhancement: $12,810.92

-Giving Hope: $4,859.06

-Kansas Sampler Foundation: $4,272.43

-Meals on Wheels: $12,830.05

-McPherson Arts Alliance: $5,292.72

-McPherson Community Theatre: $7,811.54

-McPherson County Council on Aging: $1,988.28

-McPherson County Supports Scouting: $1,575.06

-McPherson County 4-H Development: $2,141.32

-McPherson County Food Bank: $18,824.21

-McPherson Education Foundation: $3,634.76

-McPherson Dog Park: $1,842.89

-McPherson Family YMCA: $10,508.91

-McPherson High School Band: $7,919.94

-McPherson Hospital: $10,929.78

-McPherson Housing Coalition: $1,020.28

-McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation: $12,995.85

-McPherson Opera House: $27,011.98

-McPherson Parks and Public Lands: $5,668.94

-McPherson Public Library: $23,523.89

-Mt. Hope Sanctuary: $28,045.02

-Riverview Estates: $2,289.26

-The Omega Project: $7,499.08

-STEP of McPherson County: $16,930.31

-United Way of McPherson County: $2,193.61

-Women and Children Combating Cancer: $11,909.25