McPherson Special Election votes yes on Sunday liquor sales

By KBBE News
March 12, 2019

Sunday liquor sales have been passed in McPherson, after a special election held on Tuesday, March 12. The unofficial results revealed 509 votes in favor of Sunday liquor sales and 479 in opposition.

The sale at retail of cereal malt beverage in original package on any Sunday, except Easter, between the hours of 12 noon and 8 P.M. is now allowed within the city of McPherson. Also, liquor sales will be allowed on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day within the city of McPherson.

At the McPherson City Commission meeting on Monday, Sept. 10, the process was put into motion when the city adopted an ordinance restricting the hours of sale of any alcoholic liquor within the city limits of McPherson. What this allowed to happen was for a petition to be created by those in support of adding Sunday liquor sales, to set up a special election for the public to vote on the issue.

The special election was approved on Jan. 14, after a petition was put together by the owner of Dottie’s Girls Wine and Spirits, Rhonda Pliler-Boydston, and her daughter, Amy Russell.