MHS varsity netters take Goddard Quad

By Steve Sell
September 30, 2020

GODDARD – McPherson High’s varsity girls tennis team emerged with a narrow victory in the Goddard Quad on Tuesday, as the Bullpups’ regular season is starting to wind down.

MHS scored 8 points, just clipping Conway Springs by a point. Goddard (5) and Wichita Independent (1) completed the field.

MHS coach Tyler Brown gave some different players a chance to play varsity and they responded well. The No. 2 doubles team of Amethyst Hale and Lakynn Lippelmann went 2-0 for first. All other entries were second – Patty Huerta at No. 1 singles, Grace Witte at No. 2 singles, and Sydney Achilles and Carley Malm at No. 1 doubles.

Coach Tyler Brown’s comments:

“I felt the girls all played well today. We won the matches we were the favorite in. It was nice to get the team win with this group. We just somehow need to win those matches that could go either way. 

“Lately, our entire team, not just the girls that played today, seem to let certain situations get away from us.  It's truly a mind-set and the will to fight and no matter what believe in yourself.  I'm not sure how we second-guess ourselves or how we check out for so many games in a row and give our opponents life in a match.  It just seems to be happening too often lately.  Nothing gives a coach more satisfaction than meeting your girls on a changeover and they are oozing of confidence and they tell me not to worry coach, ‘we got this,’ and they truly mean it. Players that come with that mindset always seem to find a way to get it done. We have so much talent on our team from top to bottom it just blows my mind when they don't show that confidence and impose their will on the other team.”