City to discuss Kick Covid Campaign on Monday

By Steve Sell
October 17, 2020

A highlight of Monday’s McPherson City Commission meeting, which has an 8:30 a.m. starting time in the City Commission Room, 400 East Kansas, is discussion of the upcoming “Kick Covid-19” campaign.

COVID numbers have been on a dramatic rise in Kansas in recent weeks. City Commissioners talked last week about starting a campaign to drive the numbers down. There are more than 300 cases in McPherson County and the number of deaths has jumped as well.

Here is the agenda:

1. Opening Items

1.1 Call to Order

1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

1.3 Moment of Silence/Prayer

1.4 Review/Approve Minutes

1.5 Adoption of Appropriation Ordinance

1.6 Public Input Session

1.7 Approval of Agenda

2. Kick COVID-19 Campaign

2.1 Kick COVID-19 Campaign

3. 2020 Veterans Day Ceremony/Proclamation

3.1 Approval of 2020 Veterans Day Ceremony

3.2 Veterans Day Proclamation

4. Building Inspection Report

4.1 Building Inspection Report for September, 2020

5. Fire Departmental Matters

5.1 Approval of Payment for 1928 American LaFrance Restoration

6. Police Departmental Matters

6.1 Approval of the Purchase of Two WatchGuard RE Video Systems

6.2 Approval of the Purchase of Two Stalker II Radar Systems

6.3 Approval of the Purchase of Four Preliminary Breath Testing Instruments

6.4 Approval of the Purchase of Items for the Police Department Investigations Bureau

6.5 Acceptance of Police Chaplain Retirement/Resignation

6.6 Acceptance of Police VIN Inspector Retirement

7. Public Lands and Facilities Departmental Matters

7.1 Approval of Payment to JOST Fabricating LLC of Hillsboro, KS, for Dump Bed

8. Public Works Report

8.1 WWTF: Wonderware Technical Support Renewal (InTouch):

8.2 Agreement with McPherson County (81 Bypass Crossing)

8.3 Update on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction Project

8.4 Update on Hulse Area Drainage Project

8.5 Update on Chestnut Street Improvements Project

8.6 Reconstruction of 800 block of Wheeler

8.7 2020 Road Projects Website Updates

9. Administrative Report

9.1 Approval of Trick or Treat Main Street Event

9.2 Approval of 2020 McPherson County Toy Run Event

9.3 Approval of CDBG-CV Draw Down Agreement #4

9.4 Approval of Change Order #1 for 2020 CDBG Housing Grant

9.5 Special City Commission Meeting - October 21, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.

9.6 Approval of Investment

10. Other Business

11. Recess City Commission Meeting

11.1 Recess

11.2 Study Sessions

12. Post Recess Action Items (If Needed)

13. Closing Items

13.1 Adjournment