County now has 9 deaths due to COVID

By McPherson County Health Department
November 21, 2020

McPherson County Health Department reports 1,248 total cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in McPherson County. 638 of the total cases have now met recovery guidelines set forth by the KDHE or have passed away. There are seven current hospitalizations and nine deaths. Our hearts go out to the family that lost a loved one. 

McPherson County Health Department is experiencing a delay in response time to begin investigations and contact tracing. KDHE is experiencing similar delays. Please know our team of 8 are working tirelessly to contact cases, close contacts and answer questions coming in. Please be aware that if you or someone you know has been tested, they may receive a call from KDHE Epidemiologists as they help us manage our case load. While waiting on notification from our team or KDHE, please continue your isolation and notify the people that have been within 6 feet of you for 10 minutes or longer, including those that meet that criteria in the 48 hours prior to your symptom onset. If you are not symptomatic, please include close contacts 48 hours  prior to your positive test date. 

Our communities are going to be making difficult decisions surrounding how to proceed as cases climb and the healthcare system is strained. Please note these decisions are not made lightly but are vital to the future of our communities. We want to keep “business as usual,” our children in schools, our workplaces functioning in person, and our healthcare system well-equipped. Each individual McPherson County resident plays an important role in our communities, part of which includes keeping our society healthy. If you fell lax or less cautious during Phase 3, now is the time to be more cautious and diligent in the choices we make. Stay home, stay safe, and wear a mask. 

Updated case data includes: 

• New cases since last public release:98 

• Asymptomatic: 36 

• Cases with unknown exposure: 582 

• Cases 60 years old and above: 372 

• Cases 50-59 years old: 176 

• Cases 40-49 years old: 164 

• Cases 30-39 years old: 149 

• Cases 18-29 years old: 263 

• Cases under 18 years old: 124 

• Female cases: 667 

• Male cases: 581 

• Hospitalized cases (may not represent current hospitalizations): 43 

• Ventilated cases (may not represent current ventilated cases): 5 

• Deaths: 9 McPherson County Health Department is working closely with key partners to evaluate the school year. It is our goal to continue to keep the community informed. The data reported below are not the only data that influences the recommendation to move to more or less restriction. Criteria that will  influence the recommendation to move schools to more or less restrictive measures can be found on  on the home page, under  “COVID-19: Reopening McPherson County.” Each week a Risk Assessment will be completed on each district and two private schools in the County.  Those can also be found on Data that has been updated to reflect the above-mentioned changes includes: