CCCK offering two new courses

By Elizabeth Caron
January 11, 2021

 CCCK is excited to announce the offering of two Free Methodist  Credentialing Courses, slated to launch on February 15, 2021.  

These courses, Free Methodist History & Polity and Introduction to Wesleyan Thought are key  classes for those seeking ordination as well as individuals who want to expand their  understanding of Free Methodist history and theology.  

Leveraging the College’s extensive experience in online learning and robust technology, these  classes are designed to meet the learning needs of the modern individual. Courses are  asynchronous, providing 24/7 accessibility, allowing learners to engage at their own pace and  as time allows. At the same time, the courses are designed in such a way that the College is  able to maintain its commitment to a personalized educational experience, which includes  guidance from experienced facilitators, ordained in the Free Methodist Church.  

To ensure accessibility, the courses are designed to be completed in six-weeks and are being  offered at a significant tuition reduction rate of only id="mce_marker"50 per class.  

Central, founded and affiliated with the Free Methodist Church (FMC-USA.), has a rich and  longstanding history of training and equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and  experience to become active members of their churches as pastors and lay members. In 1991,  under the guidance of Dr. Bruce C. Johnson, the College began offering its first four-year  program, the Bachelor of Science in Ministry. Its emergence was inspired by Dr. Johnson’s  vision to equip individuals for active service in the cause of Christ. 

Now, thirty years later, the department continues to remain focused on its mission to prepare  individuals for effective ministry. This time, recognizing the unique needs and resources of the  21stCentury, the department is focused on providing flexible, low-cost, Christ-Centered  options for those who may find attending residential classes impractical, especially those  seeking ordination or credentialing. 

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Dr. Mindi Cromwell, the Chair of the Ministry and Theology Department and Chaney Lecturer,  shared, “Women and men preparing for ministry in the Free Methodist Church now have a  unique opportunity to study the history, polity, and theology of our Wesleyan roots with  trained scholars who are also dedicated FM ministers and trained scholars—all from the  comfort of home!” 

Academic Dean, Dr. Jacob Kaufman shared this about Dr. Cromwell and this new program, “Dr.  Mindi Cromwell’s experience within the Free Methodist denomination and her role as Ministry  and Theology Chair is a perfect fit for this new initiative. We here at CCCK are thrilled to  leverage our online education platform to come alongside individuals seeking to advance their  theological and ministerial competence.” 

The program will launch in February 2021, with Free Methodist History & Polity. For more  information about the Credentialing Courses go to